So this is pregnancy

I was in shock that I had gotten pregnant, naturally, without trying. I was also paranoid I was destined for another miscarriage. The first miscarriage I had sent me into a state of  shock. The second I was sad and a bit hopeless. If I had another one, I knew I would become angry and jaded. The positive aspect about going to the fertility clinic was they monitored my pregnancy from the start which totally put my nerves at ease. I had my first ultrasound at 6 weeks. I got chills when I heard the beat of the heart; the strong galloping strides each pump delivered. The doctor put me on progesterone for the first three months. I’m not sure if this helped keep the pregnancy, but I have a six month old eating everything she can get her hands on now.

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One other aspect I think helped get me to the finish line was PreSeed Lube. I wondered with my partners sperm quality and my hormone highs and lows that a little extra help in the lube department wouldn’t hurt. Well we only used it once before getting the positive pregnancy test, so I’m a believer. It’s worth giving a shot.

You never know how your body is going to react with pregnancy. I was determined to stay positive, healthy, and mindful my whole pregnancy. Not only did I want to prevent any harm to my unborn bun bun, but I wanted to recover fast. My first trimester was the hardest in the sense that I worried constantly about losing the baby again. I was working as a front desk host to a lodge and a bartender. I had to stand on my feet for long shifts and do all the heavy and dirty work. My husband didn’t want me to lift as much as a grocery bag. If it was up to him I would have laid in bed for 9 months straight while relaxing and eating ice cream. I’m a high strung work horse that loves to do everything so toning my energy down was challenging. I was fortunate enough to get on short term disability starting my 16th week of pregnancy to prevent another miscarriage due to my arcuate uterus.


1st: No Puking! Hurray! I know they say you toss your meals up more with a baby girl, but I didn’t vomit once during my whole pregnancy. I knew deep down I would have a girl, or so I hoped for my husband’s sake; he was dying for a little daddy’s girl. I could finally relax. I had no choice but to be somewhat of  a couch potato during the day since I was so insanely tired and had all day nausea. I worked four nights a week during the first trimester and juggled my small skincare line. I could not even look at chicken; the thought of it made me want to hurl. I lived off of steak, shrimp, salads, peaches, raspberries, and kale. I didn’t have insane cravings, but a few days I really wanted sweets like cookies and one day I went everywhere searching for orange sorbet. When I finally found a mix of three flavors including the orange, and my husband ate all the orange (he left me a little red) I went crazy! I normally love salty spicy foods and cheese, but none of it sounded good. Grocery shopping was always a bust, nothing looked good to eat. We didn’t have sex during the first trimester. We were too scared, and I didn’t really work out much except for walking and a little light weights at the gym. I started to look a little puffy at 10-12 weeks, but you couldn’t tell I was prego. I gained 5 pounds! I went from 133 to 138.

20150905_125943 12 weeks


14 weeks

2cond trimester: The bun bun is still cooking! Ironically, I had booked a trip to see my girlfriend in Vegas months before getting pregnant. At 16 weeks I was off of work and on to Vegas for my baby moon. I know… of all places to have a relaxing detox, I was going to Sin City. I hadn’t seen my parents in a year, and they met me out west. I played a joke on them saying I was married so long I was letting myself go. I gave them a shot and I downed 6 fake shots filled with water. Then I said, “ha I’m just kidding. Guys I’m pregnant!” My mom didn’t believe I was pregnant at first, then she didn’t believe I was drinking while pregnant. I love messing with her. Finally, I was feeling normal! My belly was just starting to pudge out, but it could have passed for a beer belly. The guys at the pool were still checking me out when I was alone, so they probably thought I was a party girl with a little beer belly. Luckily I could enjoy the buffet at the Wynn and dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant. My husband and I hiked for hours in almost 95 degrees heat at high noon. We took the wrong trail which would have eventually led us to California. We passed a rattle snake along the way, and were happy we made it back in one piece. During the second trimester I started working out daily at the gym. I did squats daily, light weights, cardio and swam five days a week. I gained the most weight in this trimester. I went from 139-153 which is a total of 14 pounds! At around 26 weeks, the doctor thought my bun bun was measuring two weeks behind so during Christmas holiday my husband made sure I ate everything. Luckily during an extra scan she was actually a week ahead and measuring perfect.The heartbeat was normally around 155. The lazy bun bun only moves at 10:30 at night; the day time bun bun is so quiet.

20160125_145852.jpg end of second trimester


Third trimester: By 29 weeks my fatigue creeps back. It’s cold out, and I have been literally living in a fuzzy onsie for the past three months. Thank you Canada weather. I have no shame and wear the same onsie daily to the store, the pool, and around the house. I can not wait for my energy to be back! If that ever happens. I’m curious if I will end up in a C-section or natural. I changed my mind to wanting natural with a pudental block shot. Unfortunately, at 33 weeks bun bun was still in the breech position. I looked forward to not living in a onsie, spring jogs, wine at sunset, shrinking my buddah belly, sleeping on my belly, nordic spas, and working out without hurting my mini me.  I started taking fish oils to help the brain develop. I went from 158 pounds up to 174 when I gave birth.

20160306_161837 38 weeks

I got mean looks from strangers when I revealed how far along I was. Ok, I barely had a bump until I was 37 weeks and I still looked 6 months pregnant, but I am 5’8 and my uterus tilts back. It’s not my fault I don’t have a huge bump! But some people acted as if I was hurting my baby!

One word of advice I didn’t follow. Sleep now while you can. I regret not sleeping for days. I am hyper, so I thought no big deal. I got this, but damn the no sleep turns you into something else. I prepared food that I froze. It didn’t help in the least bit. The mashed potatoes were gross, and it took time to thaw out and I still had to cook it. I easily prepared nice meals the week after I came home from the hospital. It wasn’t gourmet style, but it was simple and good food. The best thing I did was prepare early. I got most of my baby gear from kiji or yard sales for next to nothing. I didn’t want to know the sex so I bought any coed clothes which is great for the next baby. I bought everything in bulk from toothpaste, to cleaing products, stuff that you need but I didn’t want to have to buy for the next 6 months after I had the baby. That helped the most. The week I gave birth this OCD girl nested like no other. I was psychotic about cleaning and organzing everything. I didn’t drink coffee, smoke, or drink alchohal during my pregnancy. If I gave my husband a glass of wine I’d have a baby sip, but that’s it. I gave in to impulses to eat junk, but I would only have a bite or two before putting it away. I could have a piece of cake or pie, but I wouldn’t scarf down the whole thing as if it was Armagedon. To my surprise I enjoyed being pregnant. I wasn’t glowing and dancing on clouds, but I felt at peace and it was nice to be mindful of my body and detox. I didn’t become crazy bitchy, but I had many crying episodes which is totally out of character for me, so my husband didn’t know what to do with me. He still preferred my crying episodes over my dramatic on wine rants.

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My bun bun was due on my husband’s birthday 3-23, but I had a feeling she was coming early. My intuition told me 3-21 or 3-19. She finally turned into the right birthing position by 38 weeks. I was ready for a natural birth; I just hoped my water wasn’t going to break at the gym or while I was swimming.


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