My baby item list

I read up on all the baby essentials and felt I was pretty prepared for my bun bun. Here are the items I used a lot and the items that really didn’t work for me, or I didn’t use at all.


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My go to list.

  • Snap and Go. I still use it now and my baby is a whopping 20 pounds and six months old. In the first few months when you don’t want to wake up the baby, it is so easy to just easily attach and go. My baby literally slept most mornings when I ran errands, and we would go to 5-7 stops in and out of the car. It’s the smartest $100 bucks spent or you can find online for $30-50 used.
  • Pack and Play. I bought mine used for $30. It is awesome! We use it on the main floor of our home. The baby slept in the changing nook for the first two months before she started moving a lot. Then it was a napping transition place, and now at six months I have it on the low level and she crawls and plays. She can still see me which is nice too. It’s easy to travel with and not too flashy for home spaces. Love it!
  • Potato Sac sleeper. Forget those onsies with buttons;those are a pain in the ass. The cute outfits can wait until the baby is older. For the first 2-3 months a plain old cute potatoe sleep sac was ideal for being cozy and easy to change.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Image result for potato sack sleeper
  • Baby bath tub. These are ideal for the first six months. I put about two inches of a warmer water in the tub, then filled the baby bath with luke warm water. I’d put the sponge and rag into the warmer water for a little dribble of warmer water without hurting my baby. It has great neck support too. A baby basic you need.
  • Natural sponge. For the bath these are soft and gentle for the baby. They absorb water well too!
  • Carter’s boring socks. Forget all those cutesy colored soft socks. They slip right off the baby. I have over 20 pairs and have used them a few times. They also make the feet clammy too. The best socks I’ve used so far are just plain socks that are longer you can pull up over the calves. Basic but they do the job.                                                                 Image result for carters baby socks knee high
  • Moses basket. I begged my husband to pick up a used baby basket/bassinet. I wasn’t pregnant yet, but we had been trying for over a year. I know a good deal when I see one. It was a gorgeous wicker bassinet with a Moses basket that could detach. I scored it for $25. It was great to put the baby down in for little naps, or when I was taking a shower. I could easily move it around the house so she could always see  Mama. Even at 6 months it is big enough she can nap it, but now it’s unsafe because she is starting to stand up. She just started sitting up so I place it on the floor and put toys in it. She used the handles for support when she started to sit up. If she happens to fall back she will land on the soft mat cushion. I love it! The cat loves it too. He originally thought everything we bought for the baby was for him.                Image result for antique wicker bassinet
  • Tommy Tippie Bib: I bought every cute cloth bib in sight. I figured they were great for drool, puke, and feeding. Well it turns out the best one so far is my Tommy Tippie. It catches her drool, and the food she rejects. It is easy to clean and it rolls up for easy transportation. Love it!
  • Teething Tie between the Mesh Fruit holder and teething banana. Both work excellent and can get to the back teeth. I fill the mesh fruit holder with mini breast milk cubes which is awesome when they are not eating solids, but are starting to feel irritation in the gums.The banana is easy for gripping and it won’t even go down my throat, so it’s safe for the baby.                                                                       Image result for teething banana                Image result for teething mesh feeder
  • Bamboo bottle drying rack. With so many small pieces this simple concept is priceless. It looks great in any kitchen.                                                                 Image result for bamboo baby bottle drying rack
  • Itzbeen baby timer. For first time moms this is great. You simply press a button when you change the baby, the baby sleeps, and when you feed the baby. It helps you keep track of a schedule, but the best aspect of it is the last time you fed the baby. I used the light at night when I fed my baby in the dark. I used it daily for two months.    Itzbeen Baby Care Timer - Blue - Coast Innovations  - Babies"R"Us

Baby Items pass. These items just didn’t make the cut.

  • Diaper genie. The poop doesn’t smell as bad as I thought. I change my baby all over the house and just toss them in the garbage. By the bed I have a small waste basket and dump it every other day.
  • Changing table. I’ve used it probably 20 times in 6 months. I change my baby everywhere in the house, but the changing table. The cat loves it for napping.
  • Pacifier. The baby never took to this, but hey one less habit to break.
  • Baby mitts. She had a few tiny scratches here or there, but she likes to move her fingers and touch stuff. She’s always been fine without them.
  • Swaddle. I had to buy these. I thought she would really need them, but as long as she was held and had a blanket for warmth she was fine. She didn’t like being too confined.
  • Fuzzy socks. Fell off and were sweaty easily.
  • Swing. We had a baby bouncer seat, but didn’t get the swing. She was happy with the vibration of the seat. I didn’t want her to get used to being rocked to sleep so I always set her down to sleep on her own.
  • Burping cloth. I bought a few but rarely used them. I got used to drool and puke all over me. I used kitchen towels, blankets, and my husbands shirt to wipe stuff off.
  • Cloth bibs. Maybe in the future, but I don’t use them now. I tried putting one on my baby when she was younger, but realized it’s bad if she falls asleep. It can be a suffocation hazard if it flips over her mouth and nose.
  • Bottle warmer. I never used one. I used to heat my milk over the stove, but my baby actually prefers cold milk, which is so much easier!
  • Wipe warmer. I never tried one. She doesn’t seem to mind. I think she is happy she has a clean butt. I recently tried a warm wipe from my friends house. It seemed ok, but I was expecting it to be warmer.
  • Sunglasses. They are sooo adorable on, but don’t stay on easy. I prefer just keeping the baby in shade.
  • Baby shoes. They fall off easy and you don’t need them until the baby walks. My little one likes to use her feet as gripping the floor when it’s warm. I feel baby shoes are more for show.
  • Baby powder. We never used it after reading reports about the cancer lawsuit with Johnson and Johnson. As long as I change her right away, she doesn’t get diaper rash. I don’t use any products. She may have had a slight rash for a total of 4 days since she was born and she is 6.5 months old.

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