Meet CC


CC is my nickname. It is short for Charlotte Claire. My daddy chose my name. I was supposed to be Ivy Piper, but at last minute mom and dad had second thoughts. Daddy liked Charlotte because it was a classic name; he didn’t know about Princess Charlotte. Mommy liked Claire for a middle name, it is grandma’s name. For short they call me CC; I don’t mind.



I was born five days early. I am a Pisces/Aires cusp, but I feel more like a Pisces. I am pretty easy going as long as my diaper is clean. If it gets dirty I will let you know. I don’t cry often, but when I do I am trying to tell my parents something. I enjoy sleeping and love to co-sleep with my mom and dad. If I wake up from a nap and they aren’t in bed next to me, I whimper for a moment; only because I’m scared.


I love music, nature, and animals. They all entertain me and make me smile. The doggy Zema protects me, and the cat Sparky makes me smile. My first giggle was when daddy pretended to kick the dog. I thought it was hilarious! I laugh when things get smacked around, and I see people spit.


I never liked pacifers. Those are for big babies. I love my mom’s boobs, but if they are not available, I’ll happily suck on air. I dislike hats. They feel weird on my bald head. Bottles aren’t really my thing either. I like the real deal, give me boob! I’m a bit afraid of heights. I make funny faces when mom dumps me on the changing table, it makes me dizzy!

I love going for a ride in the car. My travel buddy is ET. People I don’t know think he is cute. I enjoy kicking and splashing in water. My favorite food is plums. My favorite show is the French version of Caillou. I tend to prefer boys over girls, but mom says that will change. I love meeting new people and don’t cry when strangers pick me up, but if I can’t see mom I get upset. Dad is the funny one, he makes me laugh every day.


I’m a big girl. I’m in the 90th percentile for height and weight. Mom says I’m going through clothes quickly. Dad says he can’t wait for me to play sports. Every since I was born, my middle finger has been the strongest. I use it quite often.


So far life is peachy. Once I get this crawling thing down, I’ll be getting into many adventures! My first trip was to Banff Canada. I can’t wait to see where mom and daddy take me next!



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