CC’s first 6 months

My first six months of motherhood with CC flew by a lot quicker than my pregnancy that’s for sure! I went from waking up leisurely to spend a relaxing forty minutes hand crafting my steak salad to wondering if I got over two hours of sleep straight and struggling to squeeze in time for a quick breakfast, which is now in the liquid form of a smoothie.  #welcometomomlife I never was a “smoothie” drinker; I never really got the whole hype of it, but now I can appreciate the convenience of my breakfast in a glass on those hectic unpredictable days.                                                                     Image result for smoothie quotes

The one thing that surprised me about mamahood was I still feel like myself. My personality has not been abducted, yet I have a higher sense of patience, understanding, and appreciation for moms. Even when I see animals and their babies, I have a higher sensitivity and awareness. When I thought my neighbor killed the mother raccoon that has been squatting in our garage with her babies, I was so sad and furious.      Image result for baby animals and their moms quotes

Some days I am more neurotic than I have ever been. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a full time working mom, or a stepmom, the juggling act of the motherhood circus is no joke. Sometimes I run on military time. Every second of the day counts.      Image result for mom on the clock Other days I feel more zen than I ever have felt my entire life. Like- I’m getting this mom thing down. I sip my tea while the baby rips apart my room, I don’t rush; Afterall, a few minutes isn’t life changing. I just chill and enjoy the moment. I know everything will work itself out, it always has a way of doing so.      Image result for calm mom CC, aka Charlotte Claire, has been a delight to have as my first born. From the day we brought her home, she has been a lovable pleasant baby. She had her mini cry it out moments and those moments simply taught me patience.

She started wanting to chew at around three months. I didn’t want to introduce solids until she was over six months so I froze my breast milk into little cubes and put them into a mesh teether. She still loves chewing on the frozen breast milk. It’s a great way to incorporate liquids when they are being fussy with breastfeeding/drinking the bottle.

She eats and sleeps like a cat. It hasn’t been the easiest, so I just try and go with the flow. As for bedtime she knows that 10 pm is bedtime, although recently at around 7 pm she likes to take a half an hour nap. She sleeps pretty much throughout the night as we co-sleep, but if I stir her awake she will want to feed for a little bit. In the morning she enjoys her morning naps, so the afternoon she is up most of the day. She definitely keeps me busy.                                                                                           20160926_090334

She gets bored with her toys, and only wants what Mama has. If I am packaging my natural skincare line, the hell with her toys; she is more interested in the bottles and labels I have. When I am writing, she wants my paper. I found that foil wrapping paper is a great diversion. It makes that crinkly sound but doesn’t break apart, so they can chew on it a bit without having chunks of paper break off into their mouths.                       Image result for baby playing with wrapping paperShe started sitting up at 25 weeks, by 27 weeks she was crawling and now at 30 weeks she is trying to stand and props herself up on the furniture. My house before we had the baby was decorated with glass buffets, lots of items we’ve collected from our travels around the world, and wasn’t baby proof in the least bit. I thought I did ‘some’ baby proofing, but my husband insisted we remove everything that was glass and a baby hazard. “Our home is the baby’s home now, it’s not going to look neatly decorated. You’re a mom now, get over it.” I knew deep down I had to dispose of my preconceived notion, that things could be the same. I could have a neat house in neutral colors, and the toys and the play area would be somewhere like the basement.

That didn’t happen. All the glass is in the basement, and the valuables are in boxes tucked away. It’s babyland at our house now.

Image result for living room is playroom

She just started some very cute things. This week when I was patting her on the back for a little burb, she started patting the back of my shoulder. She’s done this a few times now and I just melt. She also just started clapping her hands together when I clap and say yeah! It’s amazing to experience so many simple yet treasured moments with my little peanut.

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